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Rape Derek♥♥




Monday, March 03, 2008
@ 9:49 PM

Wnt to watch L change th world on fri with
Julian, Diana, Marysa, Yiling, Eunice, Weiming, Kwen boon & Jianliang.
It was damn nice lar :D except for the part where the proff died. Damn gross sia.
Anw it was super funnnn lah. Me, Yiling & Marysa went to ps first.
Thn we bought the tix. Went to magic hall with Julian and Jian Liang.
One boy frm other sch showed us his magic tricks. I could see through his trick.
So could Julian. Lol.

Sch today was uber funny. I cant rmb what Cam said. Then I started laughing like mad.
Then Chen Chen started laughing like mad also -____- She laughed non stop for
10 mins can! Wtf. Really siao. Aft that went for art, pond chinese tuition.


Tell me whats it gonna be this time,
Say that I was just fool to believe
You were mine
Cannot imagine life without you by my side,
And its killin my heart,
Cause I wish I knew why

Why would you do me this way,
When I love you baby

I believed what you said,
But love doesn't have a meaning
When you hurt me so bad
Just threw it all away
You knew I was scared
To once more that you give that close to me
Despite what you did
I believed

You said it was gonna be for real this time
You said you were gonna make it up to me
And everything will be fine
Never thought that I would have to let you go this way
Shouldh've followed my heart
But I fell for the game

Life just will not be the same
Without you baby

Now what do I say
It was you
You that made the choice to walk away
But now
Love will come my way
I don't wanna hear your sorry
Cause you know we've reached the end.

& I'm doing this cos I still love you.