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Friday, March 02, 2007
@ 3:36 PM

wed & thurs were probably the best day of my life.

wed - 2 strikes!! can you believe it?! hah. i also broke my bowling record. den the coach come and say ' huh? you call this high?! my 8 yr old daughter can play btr than you!' screw his ass. my frns all started scolding him. lol. kwen was liek fking good at the second rnd can. strike, spare, 9, 8. WTF LAH. he got ovr hundred. lol. whn gng back to sch, the stupid boys keep playing this stupid high pitch sound. SO IRRITATING CANS. -.-

thurs- i cant rmb what happened! but i know it was fun. aft sch stayed at sch canteen. i was feeling fking cold, my nose kept leaking so i cannot tahan, i go buy hot milo. thn whn i come back, dick said , where you buy one?! den he went to buy and bought 2 cups back (himself & julian). thn ltr ingah went to buy also! haha. i buy first leh! xP stupid emma took awy my creative tag. @$^#%&%!!!! den i still hv to chase him all the way to the boys toilet! -.- den the stupid jackass keep saying i bribed mr yeo so i cld get in. WTH! -.-

wnt to the int with julian, dick lee (LOL) and zhanyi. (im the only girl, DUH!) bought curry puffs for my dad. i know who julian like liao! bwaahhaha.

i was shocked at myself today. why? cos i laughed so loudly (i cant rmb wat happened!).. i never laughed like that before. raah. i mean, a really LOUD laughter. haha :/ i've been laughing so much for the past few days(which is good!)

i miss going out with von & heli. i dunno why but going out with them i always can laugh like siao. even more thn in sch. :/ and heli hates this emo! -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- haha.

as my birthday creeps closer each day..
the nightmares begin to haunt me.
i want time to stop,
i cant stop reminiscing abt the past.
it hurts.