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Sunday, December 31, 2006
@ 9:52 PM

im too lazy to type anything out!!
okay, i went to cher's hse ytd for the masquarade party!
but nobody wore masks, LOL.
how irony!!

okay i was VEEEEEEERY quiet.
and because of my name, they all thought i was indonesian!!
like 3-4 ppl came up and asked me that..
lols. >
okay after that, i wnt to canonball aka shannon's house.. rockrock was alrdy there!! :):)
den ltr his mom wanted to use the com, so we wnt to the child care centre den we sat on the swing again (:
i was like sosososososo noisy lah! i hvnt been so noisy since like, AGES. ever since sch holidays started. den canonball(i think the name is ridiculous) asked adrian aka littlegreenman to come. so pleased to see him!! canonball is like, mad over him. lols.

ok im too lazy to type out the rest, cos im kinda busy!!

i find myself putting on a mask all the time... i can never be myself without my classmates.. just like having split personalities.. i can never be myself even with close frns whom i met over the net, im always known as the quiet and shy girl.. but in actual fact, im not..
i miss school, because i havent laughed for ages.