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Rape Derek♥♥




Thursday, November 30, 2006
@ 8:54 PM

i hvnt been blogging much abt wht i do daily :/ today was a complete disaster! and such a total embarrassment..

i shall start with the last day of the advanced animation course ( yeah, i know i bloged abt that but left out some things )...

since we were the second last grp to present (left at arnd 6+?) so i was damn tired lah.. crossed the ovr headbridge to the 136 busstop... then suddenly this familiar red car stopped infront of the busstop...

the feeling of shock, anger, happiness washed all over me.

but it wasnt what i thought it would be, just as i half-expected.
i was a little relieved i guess. cos i think i'd be speechless :/

anywy i forgot to bring my ezlink card.. so i sat taxi home.. then that stupid uncle kept complaining....
and complaining.....
and complaning........


ok the next post..

i cant rmb whn did this happen anywy.. after our briefing ( just me, alvin, mingkee & huijoo ) we wnt to watch soccer.. den wnt to pizzahut's the eat.. they wnt orchard and i wnt home ^^

last sunday..
wnt to pan pacific (as usual) to celebrate my brother's and mom's bday... and i have an extremly haaaawt cousin which i wanna blog about but am too lazy to do it ^^
i think sandy might be interested in him cos he's half korean(:

he's daaaaaamn haaaawt.
and a little canadian blood too?
i dont know -.-

oaky anyway.. TODAY.
my stupid brother told me to take 147 from our house bus stop and alight at boonkeng mrt and we had to cross the road to take 23 in order to reach TP.

he didnt warn me it was a one way road and we had to cross allllllllllllllll the way to the other side...................
which obviously from our side, we cant even see the opposite side cos there were trees and buildings and BLAH.

so we walked...

one busstop....
two busstop....
three busstop....
four busstop....
den wesaw 23 coming frm our side..
den we stopped to look at where does it head to..
except that if we sit frm this side it goes one big round anrd little india bfr it goes to boon keng, den the highway..

we reached at abt 9+ close to 10

den they all blamed me..
i quarelled with my brother anywy :p

fine my fault - -

its been a year,
we were together for 6 mths and
i waited for 5 useless months..
all these while i've been enduring the pain,
but you nv gave a damn abt it.