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Rape Derek♥♥




Monday, September 18, 2006
@ 3:40 PM

i must admit, i've been disturbing TONS of people with my crazy emotions (animated ones) my very first victim : JEMAINEGOH. (you shld be proud my girl!)

hahah. : DD anyway, thrs more. i added ppl into our conv and flooded them. while jemaine flooded them with nudges. LOL. damn funny can! until pearson came to told him off. grrr. but i still continued anyway. HAHAH. anyway i think there was an accident ytd night causer i was using the com then...


i looked at my brother a gave a O.O???? and he gave me back a O.O???? face, then shrugged his shoulders. slpt at 12plus. but kept waking up like 10 mins, then 1 hour. so irritating can!
anyway, this morning was okaaay. like i said, i always forget about what i want to blog about! okay, i rmbd. poned sci with wynne and mer. wnt to space . then
heard someone play the yueding. it really made me think you see. honestly i
used to think what we wld become in the future. i wasnt extremly sure that we cld maintain the relationship. and whn i kinda look back, i guess a was kinda demanding at times, but i still love him very much. though sometimes he pisses
me off until i go nuts.... the feelings still remain! sigh.

stupid mr penguin kept us in lah! sooo unfair. and we had to keep quiet for 10mins. )): anyway me and wj pushed each other letters! hahah. damn funny can.

after sch, ate with wynne and yh thn wnt hm. this bangla guy sat DIRECTLY behind me, whn there were like so many other seats lah! i rmbd what i read on xiaxue's blog, abt how the guy slipped his hand through that thing then blahblah. i got damn scared lah! den i hugged my bag. lol. then one old man came up the bus looking for place. then got one boy offer his seat (the boy looked at th uncle and moved in) then the uncle saw me, he sat beside me! O.O okay, by this time, i was TOTALLY FREAKED OUT. esp whr he kept touching his groin area. GROSS! whn it was time for me to alight, i made surei swung my back behind my butt behind i stepped out (i was sitting outside).

sigh. boooring. anyway since ive got nth to do, i think i'll do a little quoting from XYZ's blog.

its so quiet today. ---- since when was it quiet for you?

everything seems to stop at this certain time and place. ---- i'd love to see you freeze in time.

realised i haven gone out shopping for so long. ---- yr only typing this cause darren cant go shopping with you!

i cant find back the energy i once had whenever i goes out. ---- oh really? how sad then.

now, whenever im out.i feel so restless. ---- you must be tired of darrengoh and sick of his face! HAHAHAH

its so not me. ---- of course its not you. you copied everything from meryl and ditched her now didnt you? so how can you say its you leh?

i no longer crap like i used to. ---- in order to gain sympathy and trust, you agreed with whatever meryl said. and i think thats PATHETIC.

i cant smile truly without dropping a tear. --- AWWW. WHRS MR DARRENGOH THEN?
i haven smiled a serious smile for such a long time. ---- pls lah. your smiles so damn fake can?!

i had forgotten how to smile. ---- frown then. no one wanted to see yr smile anyway.

im starting to lose everything. ---- HURRAY!

im losing my frens one by one. ---- since whn did you have ALOT of friends? i rmbd you only had meryl. or am i wrong?

i dun like this. ---- what? trying to gain sympathy from boys? hey we're all NOT dumb can? we're so used to your sympathetic behaviour/looks to gain attention.

I HATE IT. ----inside, yr loving it arent you?

seriously.im tired.---- sleeplah!

i dunno why.my energy is drained.---- WOW! AMAZING!

i feel like sleeping and nvr wake up ever again. ---- buhbye then.


i feel so terrible. ---- good for you then. go cry to yr beloved DEAR DARRENGOH. i really wonder how many stamps he wore. im still wondering till today.. hmmmmm.

i miss her. ---- EEK YOU LESBI!

but i cant do anything. ---- yeah, you can cry to your DEAR DARRENGOH

i see her 5/7 nowadays. ---- omfg, are you desperate for meryl's love? OMGOMGOMG

seeing her with the rest of them.
is she happy being with them? ---- of course she is! you think she was happy whn she was with you?

if she is happy im alright.
but she dun seem to be her. ---- AN ACCUSATION!

she seemed to have changed.
she is never crappy when she is with them. ---- stop yr bullshit, yr trying to say that you are her EVERYTHING! eeks!

she seems to be acting these all. ---- if she act she must as well hate us right? LAME. you think she can be happy only whn she's with you? EEE.

i really miss you so. ---- DESPOPIECEOFSHIT

learnin how to give up. ---- yeah, you btr start to learn how to give up after darrengoh ditch you! ^^

is so not easy. ---- start learning now then!

I FEEL SO EMPTY. ---- do you want me to fill you up with slaps?

this post might make her gain sympathy (includin her FAKE made up stories of how ppl hate her in pri sch, and how she thinks shes adopted, and how jacky molested her. how i do know its fake? to put it simply, she told everyone a different story.) from guys, but DEFINETELY not from me. HAH. i said bfr i believe in karma. im sure this wil happen to me sometime too.