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Rape Derek♥♥




Thursday, September 14, 2006
@ 9:52 PM

my bloody sore throat is killing me. oh btw ppl, pls read below's post. ((:
i have cat fights everyday with keane.
but we still gossip in the end. HAHAHH!
oh well, i guess today was KINDA crappy and boring cause i couldnt gossip much with my bad sore throat. argh! mermer darlink din come today. sian. wyn darlink also in a zzzzzz and a @^#%&^$*&( mood. secret. (: geog test today! maybe i can ace it... maybe i cant cause of the multiple choice! ^#%^$%* argh. had a major cat fight with keane today. i waaaaas kinda pissed? keane you shld owe me an apology hahah xDD

sian. tmr lit test. don feel like studying... ahh! aft sch wnt to buy my stuffs with wynne and jiamin. thn we wnt food court eat. walao. then we reach thr that time stanley's grp of frens (it was a very big grp, although i cldnt see who, according to jiamin it was stanley and sixuan's grp of frns) turned arnd to look at the 3 of us! OMFG i tell you it was DAMN scary can! i was like O.O!!!! okay.. what did we do wrong now... lol. anyway aft we bought out food, we were arguing whether this girl pretty than this girl blahblah. whn we compared charmaine frm 2dil with kristle, me&wynne: CHARMAINE! jiamin: KRISTLE! lolol. damn funny can. wnt back to sch. sposed to go for the maths tuition but wynne decided not to. ahh okay. wnt hm aft tht.

i cld forget those memories easily.
i didnt wna let go.