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Saturday, September 16, 2006
@ 8:05 PM

wnt to jemaine's hse to do my croissant today. :D we wnt to buy the ingredients frm rivervale mall (WHICH I SWEAR, IT WAS BLOODYFAR!) cause the nearby ntuc didnt sell the frozen puff pastry. =\=\=\ we eat the kfc, thn we went to ntuc to buy our stuffs. wnt back to her hse, this time we sat bus! yay ((: jemaine made her vietnam springrolls and i tried it. the skin was so sour! she washed it with lime, cause its v smelly. ahh! well, she tried again and it tasted btr. but she said she wna change recipe =\ i tried mine.. well, it wasnt tat bad! : DDD except it doesnt taste like a croissant! wnt to her rm to play battleon (i know its lame, i was bored to death!) thn i left. thanks alot for the help jemaine!! : DDDDDDDD

wnt to compass lib to meet meryl and teeyong(tty) to study. i read through my science, this time not copying my notes down. actually i find this way more effective, i just highlighted the impt points. seb and wilfrd came, thn meryl asked me to go say hi to them. -.- thn she wnt to study with them, thn tty asked me to buy drinks. den he gave me money for pasta (i forked out onethird of the price) he paid $5, i $2. i eat more! hahh. : DD he treated the drink anyway. so i had to buy everythin for him.
i left aft eating the pasta. the bus was bloody long! i waited like 30mins bfr the stupid bus came! i left compass at 6( maybe abit ltr ),the buss came at 630+! ARGH. i rched home at 7 and got a scolding! gaaah.

oh yeah ppl, i chnged the song, it takes abt 10mins to load (for slower coms thn mine, well happy waiting! the song will come out, so its worth waiting.) why this song? this was the last song he sent to me. and i was really cold to him and that time. i must say him sending me this song did slap me up back into reality - but it was all too late, i had NO idea what to do. and i totally accept for whati am now, for it's god's will isnt it? its been its been aldry 5 months and 4 days, and still counting. since 12may, i'd nv forget.