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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
@ 9:37 PM

i am SO darn sick of my parents. i gave them my report book yesterday, i got pretty avrage scores for all the sub except lit ( i aced it haha keane! ) and chi( FAILED! ) which, those of you who knows me very well, my parents killed me of course. since they only care abt chinese and i failed that sub. whn my mom found out she was furious! i was sitting at the laptop doing my HE was she reached to my back to take something. i knew it was the cane, obviously. well, apparently i DONT remeber polys and ites teaching chinese, so i must as well drop the sub. right? anywy, i told them there was only listening compre which i failed ( this is SO NOT true ) cause whn they asked me whn's my chinese test, it was alrdy ovr so i didnt know how to tell them. zzz. i feel damn pressurized by them. dont ask me why, thats the way it it. i dont have meryl's parents nor yihan's parents. sigggh. plus my lit (from starting of year) a failing 40 plus to a whooping 80. they DIDNT even bother to READ the good stuff ms chew said abt my graphic design. you see? i once told my dad i wanted to be a graphic designer, and he STRONGLY disapproved it. (my family's made up of lawyers, doctors and engineers) maybe he's afraid that i would throw his face? nah, i wouldnt drop into ite. i DONT wanna go there (although my bro's there) . i told them iw anted to go into a poly, and their reply SHOCKED me. they said poly students can be bad influence, my mom mostly emphasized on their DRESSING. some were dressed to their nines, but my mom most disapproved of the way girls skimply dressed themselves. and she said dunno what shou la shou (holding hands) thingy, say what relationship blahblahblah. one of the few reasons i want to go poly is that they dont offer chinese. and they ofer you basic learning of what youw ant to be! (e.g if you wanna become a nurse next time, there's a nursing course.) just because they think jc's a shortcut to uni *rolls eyes* i seriously cant stand them!!

anyway for today.. it was oookay i guess. came up with DARLINKS. got some pics to update but my bro's hogging over the laptop, 24 hrs a day!! anyway, came up with a nickname for kristle since she like retarded barbie so much. its RETARDEDCHEAPSLUT. HAHAHAH.

this is from someone's new blog:
*******, i'm fuckingliy disappointed in you. Just because you were driven by pride doesn't mean you could ever be so callous and cruel. Yes, i'm talking about darren goh, you crass pathetically silly barbie-wannabe bitch.Do you know what you did to him, just because i did not like him very much either. Gosh, u totally suck this time round.

HAHAH. im So damn proud of this person.