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Rape Derek♥♥




Wednesday, September 13, 2006
@ 6:20 PM

ahh. sch was great. although i believe in karma, but still, gossips own my life. taahaa : DD hmm.. kicked off the day with.. english? it was okay i guess. lol. science was next.. right? anyway, wanted to pon the stupid lesson de. but tj wan go back. sian. her lesson so boring. zzz. but nice tcr lah. lol. recess was just.. okaaaay? saw his back view. AGAIN. sigh. back to geog.. mrswong and ms micheal came to our presentation. but or grp didnt present! pro right? LOL. they went up to grp 5. our grp was just next lah! maths was okay.. learnt the watevr theorem was that... i understand! lolol. LCE was.. movie again! but its okay lar. aft sch, wnt with jemaine, yihan, zy, eli and tj to kfc to eat. thn tj's present. aft that, me and tj went to compass to find meryl to study with her and teeyong. geuss meryl got abit pissed with me and ty cause we kept talking about bands. i might be in one soon! just for fun lah. yay! gossiped abt retardedcheapslut.. HAHAH. now i know why really meryl hate her. cause she bought the LGchocolate phone, whn meryl said that she wanted that phone! oh boy, what a copycat. i hope she loves the name retardedcheapslut. TEEHEE.