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Sunday, September 10, 2006
@ 8:41 PM

i know i havent been updating!!! hahah! okay, we'll start from thursday, my exam day. i know the impro sucked, my hearing was okay, hopefully passable. she chose in the mood (my most suckiest song! ))):) and lengang kangkung ( the easier one!!!!) well, i was soo nervous that i even forgot to take my diskette out! argh. dam embarrassing. hahah. anyway, went to study with tj aft that. well actually, he studied, i read books. we searched arnd popular for like 30 mins for the stupid lit book (the curious incident..BLAHBLAH) thn went hm! yay!
friday //
wnt with my parents to the stupid what food exhibition. i was sulking all the way can? cause i didnt wanna go. but bfr that my dad wnt to the hospital's for some stuffs. well, i dont mind that, but the food convention was all the way at expo! argh. they say we'll be back by noon, but the time we come back was at 3. slpt for awhile, bathed and prepared everything. took the disc frm roooooooooooooonald( i prefer calling him roooonie). thanks! went to westlife concert.. actually i wasnt really that excited.. met up with beatrice(she went in bfr me cuz i was late), the concert was sposed to start at 8, but they came at 830 ~.~ cheat money!! hahah. anywy, the concert ROCKED. their live performance was truly amazing. and the concert wasnt that formal at all. they also sang dont cha (by pcd, and yes tj! i know you'll be shocked whn you read this) and a song by justin timberlake which im nt that familiar with. i know its something to do with.. its getting hot in here. thn they started stripping, their outer jacket, their watch. still got one mre cant rmb what. thn they started to take out their belts and unzip their pants. but they just laughed and put everything back. kian pulled down his pants to reveal his boxers! hahah! omg. okay, thn they went to change. thn whn the concert abt to end.. like 30 mins left i think.. me and beatrice scream NICKY! thn the guy infront got a shock. hahah! he nearly jumped off his seat. it was sooo fun lah! i first time so high in a concert. lolol. i love westlife! and backstreet boys! since pri 1 or 2. <33333 (: i'll update the pics and videos soon, aft i change my skin, cause this entry box is too small. err. warining though. the video can hear ABIT. the pics nt clear also. cause use my hp to take. lol.
sat //
i think i stayed home. cant rmb wht happened. lol. oh well.

sun //
today got music lesson. zzz. ate instant spag frm the food convention. its soo nice lah! don wry, its msg free. hahah. anywy, its not fair la! the other played the kingdom song. i played in the mood )): anyway sigh. so bored now. and kristle have a stead? omfg do you believe it?! apparently the victim is darren goh, which is 70% sure, news from wynne. what a perfect match. despo guy ( he liked both kris and eleen at the same time! and weeks bfr, he liked meryl! ) and despo girl. jason's dog and meryl's dog ( not i say one. ) hahah. surprised ppl? DOUBLE LOL!