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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
@ 9:54 PM

studied with tj and wynne today finally finishd the stupid music. borrowed 2 photoshop books but just now whn i read thm.. boring, boring and boring. and hard to understand too. zzz. practised my music just now. got so damn bloody stressed up. i just.. give up. so what if i fail this round? no one wld give a damn anyway. oh, they wld just say, its okay, try agn, or, try harder next time. BLAAHBLAH. you ppl probably dont know hw impt this test is to me. my dad's expecting me to pass, just because i can play 7 songs. okay, i fess up. i cant play 1 song, and i can only play 4 songs well, but not for the other 2.
5 pop songs,
2 arrangement.
they will take 1 pop song, and 1 arrangement. AND I CANT PLAY ONE OF MY ARRANGEMENT SONG! ARGH. I ALSO CANT RMB ALL THE 9 CHORDS WHICH ARE COMING OUT FR GRADE 6! i hate life! i dont know wht my dad's reaction will be if i fail this. NOT ONLY 2 SONGS, BUT THRS 2 MORE SECTIONS TO GO. improvisation and hearing. ARGH.
well, even if i ask TONS of ppl to pray for me, how many ppl actually will? they'll just probably fall asleep and then, OH! sorry i forgot to pray for you. and how many ppl wld actually go there to support me? ZLICH I SUPPOSE.
well, i'll tell you the details now.

kovan (above ntuc)
well. im only expecting tj. oh surprise me. im giving this bloody passion for music up. no motivation, no inspiration. well, like i said, im gonna die on this day, and i wont survive to tell the tale. i don care if you think im trying to attract attention or whatsoever.