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Friday, September 01, 2006
@ 1:53 PM

TCR'S day! i swear, it was KICKASS.
arrived at sch with nobody arnd. had to go to the stupid hall myself and tj was sleeping! argh. the hall was so empty, i just settled down anyway. fastforward to the class party.

it was yun lan's (yunkai) birthday as well : DD anywy, we got back our report books, i didnt meant to see those with stickers, i guess i was just mischievious. :x ms chew looked mad! oh well, anyway alvin asked me to make a starfish with those cans of justea, coke and 7up. i was making a star when more ppl came to help me out! thaaaankyou ((: the camera man came to take pics and i connected glynis's mp3 to the bigbig speakers. still so soft sia. but can hear lah. den we wnt out to do the aces day. me, wj, kz, and cammi just went mad. we danced around the hall pushing one another holding hands etcetc. lol. hey, im nt saying im some kinda lesbo or smth. im straight! just havin fun thts all. thn we stood behind ian that grp. they do until damn funny sia. esp the kicing butt one. they keep kicking each other's butt! then me and cami kept laughing. lolol : DD anyway, the concert was G-R-E-A-T! i loooooved mr yeo's performance! although i nv heard any of the songs bfr. the bands were so cool lah : D me yeo so funny can. i still think it rocked! now i know why mordern dance always gt ppl scream. cause is they ask ppl to scream for them one. thats, is called cheap. (no offence!) wnt back to class to paaaartaaay! ELMO CAKE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i'll upload the pics soon. teehee. aft sch wnt to hg mall for teachers day hunting pressie! i spent a whole 12bucks! omfg :OOOO for.. 3cards, 2 present. lol. wnt to buy my sch shoes, walked glynis back (im so kind!) den walked back to hg plaza. waited for the ppl there (jiahui,jiayong,jackass,eugene,lingtong,priscilla,kunzi) i think i missed out one of the guys. we wnt back and saw john and sissywong. found the teacers then blahblah.. wnt to shannon's hse agn! wheeeeee. the pics we took are ULTRA UBER funny. upload it ltr. i have the pics now, but wna upload it tgt with my other pics. tata!