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Rape Derek♥♥




Sunday, September 03, 2006
@ 11:06 PM

sat 156 to compass to meet beatrice (yes, AGAIN!). we sat 27 to tampines to buy westlife tix. okay guys, im OFFICIALLY BROKE! dammit. argh!anyway, we shopped arnd and i saw this yamaha poster. so i said, lets go there! and obviously, she said yes. good thing she learns electric guitar, if not i think ppl wld complain, cause i ususally take abt an hour or more to browse the entire shop. whn she entered, " OMGOMG I SAW KELVIN(i think this is how you spell the name)!" i was like, huh? who and what the hell is kelvin? then she said his frm lucify blahblah. i think lucify's damn cool. anyway, she wanted me to take a pic with her with him. i was like no! its so embarrassing can. (he works there) thn she walked up to him and ask.. then at first his like o.o?? thn he said ok. lol! omg. i helped thm to take a pic. 3 times, rather. lol. anyway, browsed arnd (which took pretty long, thanks to me) aaand.. i cant rmb wht we did nxt. walked arnd lah. for quite long. thn wnt to the busstop. sat 21. dammit! it took us to pasir ris int! ARGH. bloody wrong bus, we cldnt rmb what 20+ bus was it! okay, so we sat bus 3. i rmb it brings us to punggol. right? and the.. sitting for like 45mins - 1hour.. IT BROUGHT AS BACK TO TAMPINES INT! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMINT! its was alrdy 6+... ARGH. we finally took the correct bus back to compass and thn sat 156 home. oh my, im telling you this was the first time ive been out with somebody (im only gng out with her fr the second time, the last time we et was like.. pri5? or 6.) and i cant stop talking! honestly whni meet up with ppl i dont know, i'll just keep BLOODY quiet. just like that time i met sam. LOL. meryl was like -.- pls talk. hahah. upload the sidol pics soon.

those memories just kept haunting me.
at home,
in the bus,
in school,
i just cant...... let go.