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Friday, January 12, 2007
@ 11:18 PM

i have SO MUCH to blog about today.
our teacher : mrs cheong.

i know everyone in the level hates her. LOL~
okok i think i'll start from the start..
jiaxiang was late for class again ( as usual, but only for her lesson )..
den he walked in from the back door an pretended that he was there all along.. ( he did this for the first lesson also, i still rmbd he said he was punishing himself for going to the toilet! )
den later teacher ask him to stand outside.. den he keep moving den the teacher damn fed up.. lol! so funny can.

den she noticed kristle and eunice cheng no books. den she ask them to stand. den wynne pretended her book was eunice's den she said, ' sorry eunice i take your book, nah you take back..' den wynne passed the book to her. den she got the very confused face. den eunice sat down and wynne stand up.. i also stand cos i go no book. lol~ den wynne said to wilfred 'walao you take kristle's book den return to her lah!' 'huh? orh.' den he gave his book to kristle den he stood up. den later ingah passed me her book, she said that she was using malvina's. ok fine. :D

den later wynne asked faiz to switch of the fan cos she v cold. (i LOOVE this part.) den faiz got the confused look.. den wynne pointed at the switch. faiz stood up (nv walk to the switch, he just stand up only..he sits infront of the switches), den mrscheong looked at him. he still got that very confused face.. so funny! den he pretend to tuck in his shirt, den sat down again. SO FUNNY CAN!! lolol. den i rmb wynne was shouting to jiaxiang outside the class.. den the teacher suddenly, "SHUTUP!!!!!" den wynne got the :O face. LOLS.

den mel was listening to music.. i dunno if its her hp or her mp3. den the techer saw and mel refused to give it to her. den she ask mel go outside stand. den when lesson finishing, jiaxiang wasnt outside the class.. den mrscheong was like, 'where is he?!' den she went out of the class, den jiaxiang stood up.. i think he was kneeling down or sitting down. so funny!!


oh yah, got one part of the class (when wynne was standing) me, camilla and her decided to switch names. i was camilla, camilla was wynne, and wynne was me. den so suay, teacher called camilla's name.. -.-
obviously i stand lah! den the whole class laugh. lol ! lucky i know how to ans. so easy.. ss is practically the same as history..