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Rape Derek♥♥




Sunday, November 12, 2006
@ 10:34 PM

im gonna type finish this post in 10 mins.
the time's 1030 now.

okay firstly i need to think what i wna type...
saturday OPENHOUSE!
i totally agree with sandy can! wht a beautiful afternoon but its wasted in sch -.- anywy i was late for a few mins *the bus took a bloody blog time to come!* and thn whn i reachd thr, alvin thought me how to make a bowl cos thats wht we're teaching them.

anywy there wasnt a lot of ppl in the first class (1230pm), just like.. abt half the class? maybe less thn tht. den aft that the next class (1pm) me and alvin wnt down to call ppl up. there was this bunch of girls which we had a hard time pleading them cos they cldnt make their minds up.

anywy in the end they went! :D so yeah. the girl that i was teaching was a complete noob.. *no offence, rly! even the first batch was better* and alvin and i were laughing abt it. den whtevr the teacher say she'll go, huh? lol. anywy thr were lots of confused face la..

this rly nice tcr came dwn frm i-dont-know-where with bread and drinks. i ate hotdog bread and drank chrysantemum tea :DD no one came for the next lesson (230pm) was i think like everyone left the sch alrdy.. den the teachers showd alvin and lenson some really cool stuffs la... and ah ming wasnt there, i cldnt rmb everything ):

ah ming came up after that, everyone left and i stayed with him to do some stuffs with the teacher in the rm. den ltr the teacher said he had to go and chased us out. met kunzi's grp in the canteen and we sat down, waited for god-knows-what reason. den chuanhui suddenly said she had to leave. i had a hard time begging them not leave leave cos i was waiting for fishy!(chuanhui, try to guess who is that :p)

anywy they left in the end ): so i decided to wait for fishy at the bus stop.. missed 2 136 lol. den shannon came. so we were like HEEEEEEEEEEEY! lol. he did my name for my on a tile.. ahahah im so touched! lol. thn i sai i hv time to go ovr to his shop. den he was damn happy la. lols. den fishy finally came and then he and shannon talked about braces.


119 came, den we said byebye to fishy, den we left.


music lesson was as boring as ever. learnt a new motive and some parts of a song. yeah i know all of you dunno wht im talking abt xDD

met fishy aft tht, we wnt to one of sengkang's void deck to do his work. well after awhile i got bored of my storybook cos i read it agn and agn -.-

he let me do some of his work which was kinda fun lol xDD he fetched me home at 4++ !

just came back from my granma's sister funeral.

ok just nice, 10 mins.