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Sunday, November 05, 2006
@ 2:38 PM


was supposed to meet alvin and peng at hougang mall's mac. i was late for 5 mins and i was wondering why they didnt call me. when i reached there, they haven even reach! -.- on friday night alvin( or jianhui?) still told me im a girl so i better not be late. they were late for 10 mins! see whose the girl now :p

boarded mrt, then jianhui came in at boon keng. we were arguing to whether to alight at dhoby or at .. i forgot wats it called.. aiya the green line one. i was arguing for dhoby then alvin said ok. den after that i wanted the green line one cos dont have to walk so far. lol.

we met meryl at city hall. today we were supposed to shop for jian hui's bag! he's worse then a girl. i'll tell you why, just read on. whn we reached the shopping mall (forgot wats it called. at city hall mrt! think its raffles? raffles smth.) all of us were starving like mad so we decided to eat lunch when its only 1230 -.- so we walked arnd the B1 market place. we wnt to the billabong shop then we tried to find somewhr to eat. we looked at the directory and argued what we wanted to eat -.- so we decided on cafe cartel. it was on the first floor. we searched the first floor but cldnt find! alvin insisted it was on B1 but i told him i was sure i saw lvl 1.

we wnt down to basement agn to look at the directory. LVL1!!! ahh damit. then meryl suddenly say she know whr. it was outside the mall, before we come into the mall that place. i chose my food within 5-10mins, so did meryl. THE BOYS TOOK AN EXTERMLY LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG TIME TO CHOOSE THEIR FOOD! -.-
i ate spag, which i think it sucked. LOL. waste my 10 bucks. cafe galilee's 6buck spag taste 100 times more btr. we walked arnd the mall.. thn wnt to esplanade through citylink. got this wire exhibition la. like whoa! then we went to the library, cos i hear there's a lot of music scores.

we hvn even enter the toilet then everyone wanted to go to toilet -.- den meryl saw a sign saying, toilets lvl1 & 2. LOL! den we sat lift down to lvl 2 den everyone wnt to toilet. we sat lift back up. i cldnt find any scores! we rested for awhile, den i say i wanna go rooftop.


ok fine. walked back to city link then to suntec. walked into all the sports shop jianhui didnt like any bag. we walked back to citylink, then that raffles shopping centre. actually he wanted to buy crumpler but me and meryl said NO!! its damn common. ask sipeng and alvin. ask how pain their head is. lol. cos everytime meryl sees a crumpler bag, she'll hit alvin/sipeng's head. we FINALLY decided on a billabong LEATHER bag. i think it suits him pretty nice!

so ppl, look out for mr koh jian hui nxt yr!

it still hurts.