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Wednesday, November 08, 2006
@ 12:29 PM


we met up at hougang mall's mac. i was the first there so i decided to walked arnd hougang mall -.- whn i came up the mac's entrance, only ZMH! and alvin was there. talk about punctuality -.- sigh... GUYS. anywy whn everyone reached we wnt to the interchange to wait fr 89.

we reached, ate lunch with tj, wj, chuan hui and meryl. then we wnt into the chalet rm. din rly do much. we wnt ovr to white sands to buy food, and wj was like going crazy. lol. wnt back into chalet rm and put stuffs into the fridge. den we played poker cards. told yo we didnt do much. lol.

i left at arnd 7? tj and darren sent me off. met up with nicholas ( NOT the one frm mass choir ) den the bus came. he was actually at pasir ris interchange but he ran ovr one bus stop to meet me.
' so wht did u do today? '
' not much, just go shopping and play poker. '
' WHAT! you make me run 1 bus stop just to hear you say you go shopping and play poker?! '
lol. the rest of the bus journey was kinda quiet.. we hvnt seen each other in ages. but we talked again whn i was reaching the bus stop.

136 took a friggin long time to come! ): nic said the bus dislikes me. -.-


was supposed to meet at 11 at hougang interchange. but judging frm day 1's experience, they were late for like, 30mins! so i didnt care i was gonna be late today. left hse at abt 1055, sat 147 to thr. I DIDNT KNOW THE BUS JOURNEY WAS DAMN LONG LAH! im so sry i was late for like, sososo long ): im taking 136 nxt time, lol.

anywy whn i alighted 147, stanley's grp of frns were like staring at me? i feel so...embarrassed can! den i can feel their heads turning as i walk... BUT WHO CARES COS HALF MY CLASS WAS WAITING FOR ME, I FELT SOOO GREAT WHN I MET THEM! ^^ sense of relief :p

sat 89 again, played poker w wynne on the bus. rchd chalet, planned the games and off we go to treasure hunt! a few of us left first. we waited at the bike rental store. alvin, kunzi and chuan hui wnt back to chalet cos they forgot to bring out their wallets. thn me, jianhui and wynne stayed there. we waiting for daaaamn long so i decided to call alvin. he said they were starting the game at the chalet. -.- i was angry lah, but.. last yr alrdy so i didnt care much whn i rched back. lol.

we told them there were no more bikes so we decided to walk to pasir ris park one. which is like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


anywy i was damndamndamndamndamn tired. but it felt great whn we finally rchd the shop and rented a bike! plus it was cheaper. buy 1 hr get 1 free. and its only 5 bucks. the other rental shop at the chalet is like $7 for 2 hrs la.

we cycled to chuanhui's farm to get prawns. sandy was feelings sooooo sick. okok, she looks soooooo sick. i cycled to the nearby dog farm with some of the class guys. SOOO CUTE CAN! OMGWTF xDDDDD erm, i mean the dogs, not my class guys. :DDDDDDD

we cycled back to chuanhui's fishy farm ( it was my first time there! ) thn i saw tj saying hello to something. i walked ovr to see wat it was... PARROT! lol so funny can! den ermm.. i think someone said to it , BIRDBRAIN! lol. the parrot only know how to say hello and hahahahah. but the hahahahah SO FUNNY! lol!!

we cycled back to paris ris park cos its gna rain soon. thn we walked back to chalet which was a looooong loooooooooong way but somehow i didnt feel that it was long :ppp

ok, wnt back, started fire ( CREDITS TO OUR NPCC GUYS, YOU DID WELL! ) and our neighbour started the fire abt the same time as us, a bit later only. started at arnd.. 5plus. OH WELL IT WAS DONE BY 6!! YAAAAY! and then we ate, like arnd 7 plus.. OUR NEIGHBOUR STILL STARTING FIRE LOL! PLUS THEY USED A SECOND BBQ PIT. they were done by 8 plus. LOL.

i shall blog abt my long awaited chicken wing! i waited soooooooooooooooo long for the first one, whn i brought it back, (i was sitting with the teachers) they said NO to it cos it was uncooked -.- so i went back to bbq it again. ms chew and ms tan left, ( that leaves mr yeo ) thn i wnt back with my still-halfed-uncookd-chicken-but-not-in-a-bad-state to eat. but cld only eat the wing part cos the top part is still a bit raw. thn i waited for my 2nd chicken, cooked by CHEF FOO. it looked so yummy! then......................................................................................................................

my fingers slipped and the chicken dropped on the floor! wynne was laughing abt it like mad, nd my laughter just turned into tears. mr yeo was sitting opposite me, his reaction was soo funny la. LOL. i know yr laughing abt this, but imaging you waiting for something VEEEEEEEEEEEEERY long and thn it goes down the drain -.-

guys and girls, it takes abt 30 mins to cook one chicken :p

i was wnt into the rm and lied on nigel's bred cos i was damndamndamndamndamn tired. meryl came to join me. lol. played 21 with wj and tj. wah if i bet money ( both of them were playing $$ ) i wld have been rich! lol. yeah right, rich with only 10cents and 20 cents. lol. for day 1 and day 2 have been drinking a lot of jolly shandy. (ZMH! pronounces it was jolly sandy!) it was grt :D

while i was slping, sandy surprised me with a COOKED chicken! yay i was sooooo happy. ok, i admit i feel like a lil kid once again :p

den we played zhong ji mi ma i didnt kenna for the first few rounds and i was getting bored so i decided to go into the room to change into fresh clothes cos i was feeling icky. den whn i wnt out................ i got 'KENNA-ED'


thr was like sooooooo many diff sauces and HUGE AMNT OF PEPPER, and they dipped a fishball in! they allowed me to taste the sauce first cos i cant stand chilli/hot aiya whtevr lah very well. i tasted.... HOT! but anywy i still had to eat. my eyes were filled with tears and i drank 2 cups of water after that. LOL.

left with sandy, kunzi, sipeng, eugene yip, yunkai and daniel, while eugene tan, nigel and jianhui sent us off. thn we boarded 89 back to hougang, thn eugene, nigel and jianhui ran after the bus!!!! OMFG WE WERE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


p.s anywy darren spitted in my face and i freak! naturally i wld have gotten angry but.. last yr! :D

p.p.s i took 40mins to type this out!

p.p.p.s read sandy's blog for more stuffs! i cant stop laughing! lol!!