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Wednesday, October 25, 2006
@ 9:02 PM

i wanted to sit on the 3rd storey's window. but i cldnt find the grill keys. so i went to my parents room to pen my 'suicide' note. hah. you all wld just bet that i wldnt do anything. i just dont want to, cause i know god wants me to live my life for a reason.

heeeellooo? ' but if she doesnt invite you there's no point trying to make them ' im not as fkin despo as you whn you lost yr 2 frns. in the first place, i didnt want YOU to invite me there anyway. its just not a nice feeling that your frns are doing something behind your back.

you reconciled with tj not long ago. i didnt expect him to side with me, neither did i expect him to side with you. and please. STOP pushing all the blame on me. like the money and everything, it WASNT ME who started all these. moreover i DID NOT switch sides. i was with marie today, until jemaine called me ovr and asked me abt the class chalet.

i didnt even know we had to pay $6 cause no one bothered to tell me.

thats whn i felt that they had a point. so i asked if they wanted to ask sandy/alvin abt this. so i went ovr to talk to them.

is that against the rules?

and you cant judge me by saying that i've changed just because of one occasion. and, to my surprise, i know you hated me last yr, thats why you didnt invite me to the 'class' chalet last yr.

i know everything.

i was utterly shocked by this piece of news.

and as for tj, it was surprising that he called me to confront me. seems like you told him that EVERYTHING is my fault. and i know you can influence ppl's mind REALLY great, cause i rmb some ppl were talking abt this months ago.

and it seems like that 1yr plus friendship have gone down the drain.
and i dont believe in friends forever anymore.

it wld be interesting if karma gets back at all of you.