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Saturday, October 07, 2006
@ 3:56 PM

ytd's maths2 was KILLER. i still thought it was gonna be a piece of cake like paper1 -.- screw mr choo! although he's a really nice teacher >.> kunzi even ended up crying and keane just gave up the entire paper!

anywy, aft sch we styd back to discuss abt the class chalet. there were too many ppl, i cldnt rmb who! then we headed to macs, the wj left for hm. then some ppl left and we wnt to walk arnd hougang mall. my hair was damn messy cause i was in a rush that i forgot to put on my hairband and clips. ahh. aft that we went to cage, those who left us also met us there. it was pretty boring watching our class boys play soccer. whn the girls haven came, i was sitting at the void deck with tj, jianhui and daniel( or was it sipeng?) so i asked them who was better nigel or keane, cause keane likes to brag abt his soccer a lot. so they SCREAMED at me, im not kidding, really screamed, NIGEL! -.-

aft that i went home to chiong rakion. :D