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Saturday, August 26, 2006
@ 10:01 PM

dad and mum wnt malaysia. : DD

deliberately came back early just to use the comp. hahah xDD anyway school's oky i guess. i know ive lost 4 marks for maths test, but im confident in acing it. heh. home econs test was pure tikam, cause i didnt really go and memorize those things. use com until damn long. like 1plus in the morning.

sian lah. today got sore eye. damn painful can. tmr still got church.. zzzzzzz pon 3 or 4 lesson alrdy. last sunday i walk all the way to church thn glynis nv reply my sms... thn whn i walked home she say she in class.. @#%#& dunno whether tmr got mood go to class anot.. but i swear i feel bad not going to class, and being soo damn slack. sigh. cooked my own lunch (my mom was amazed whn she knew i could cook, she was saying im so clever and wynne and meryl were over the phone and they kept laughing -.- ) dinner wnt to find my bro and went to pizzahut to eat. jolyn was working there, as usual duh. anyway, we waited like hell thn jolyn came to tell us the stupid waitress forgot to key in our order. we got free 4 chickens anyway. hahah it was quite nice although abit spicy. a liiiittle bit only. so im okay with that. my bro treated. but it was like 27 bucks! i felt so damn bad, it was all his savings. so i forked in 5 bucks. he went back to work cause it was nearly an hour since he left, while i shopped around heartland mall, buying 4hairbands and 4 clips for 5.20. there goes my money. the clips are 2 black, 2 purple. i wanted 2 orange and 2 purple, but they didnt have that combination! damn. i have like 3 black at hm alrdy. ahh. shopped around night market, saw yanyan but didnt call her. she was with all these ahbengs and blah and she dressed like some kind of taitai. eee i was in an oversized tee (not really that oversized ) and beach shorts. so yeeah well.. walked arnd thn dominic msged me he said he saw me. thn ltr he came to look for me at the bus stop. i was extremly disgusted, while i was msging wynne and yanyan. anywy, i noticed his fingers were abnormal, his right index finger was as short as his little finger which freaked me out. wnt home... now talking to alvin on msn.. he's telling me that leson, ben, and cheehock knows how to play the piano! :OOO but all low grades lah. so cant compare with me and kunzi. lolol. although i dont learn piano, im good at sightreading. hahahah :D