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Friday, October 13, 2006
@ 9:33 PM

we got back hm ec first, and i was bloody disappointed, well firstly, cause ppl who didnt study cld get so high, on the other hand, i studied and got so low. wtf.

english definetly made my mood worser, i know a lot of ppl are damn happy cause they won me and i know who they are - WHATEVER OKAY? FINE YOU WIN ME. esp the common bitch, who kept showing off. even keane couldnt stand her, she was practically laughing her arse off at every funny thing ms chew says. hilarious? no i dont think so.

well it was MY TURN to laugh MY ass off at her during GEOG. HAH. she seem to be really down (i heard she got 61) cause i thrashd her badly (not that bad lah) but im still happy for my results, although there are a lot of people who got higher then me.

i was looking forward to literature, but surprisingly, my mood took a turn and....
i scored badly for unseen. sigh. just whn i wanted to take literature up next year! argh. i see the marks alrdy i think i'd rather take history. disappointing.

anyway i just digged up my old compo (last year) although i forgot who marked it, i thinking it was ms tong, and i was kinda surprised by my writing. although its not some -chim- essay like keane's or ZMH's i got 20/30 which i thought it was pretty high alrdy, its gonna be a long one so those who dont wna read it can just skip this. sorry, but i cldnt rmb wat was the topic abt, i think it was smth like.. to turn back time to tell someone smth.

The sun rose in a pool of crimson and gold, splashing light all over the land. I woke up due to the glare of sun. I woke up and prepared for school. It's very stressful now, especially when PSLE is in the coming month. As usual, I went home with a heavy bag containing the day's homework.

When I reached home, I took a revitalising (according to ZMH) nap to have the energy to do my homework later. After I woke up, I did my maths homework as it was my favourite subject. My mom came home and I asked her why my dad was not with her. I predicted that they had a quarrel with each other but i was wrong. She told me that my grandmother had fainted at the void deck and was sent to the hospital. I murmured (according to ZMH) with just a simple ,"Oh." I went back to do my homework. There were some challenging questions that I did not know how to do, so I decided to ask my brother.

He acted as if i didnt exist at all, as he was busy watching television. The house phone rang unexpectedly and my mom went to answer it. I crossed my fingers and shut my eyes, praying that it was not something bad. Again, I was wrong for the second time. My mom then announced that my grandmother passed away. Tears started streaming down my eyes endlessly. I took my maths book back to my study room. I suddenly lost interest in doing my homework. The unexpected news tore my heart into bits as I loved my grandmother a lot.

My mom walked into my room and comforted me. She told me that everyone have to leave this world, regardless of whoever you are. I nodded in agreement. After I calmed down, I went to my brother's room to play the organ to let my grandmother hear her last song. I never did played any song for her to hear before. This will be my first and last time playing a song for my grandmother. Titled, Hard TO Say Im Sorry by Chicago. Until now, this song has been my favourite.

On the day of the cremation, my entire family was there, except for my godfather's family. Apparently something crooked (according to keane) up and they could not come. I heard that he had diabeties and his son ran away from home. Everyone was weeping quietly. The coffin's cover was removed, so that we can place flowers inside. Then we went to Mandai Crematorium to pay our last respects. As we entered the room, the coffin was sent for cremation(according to keane). Everyone was crying non-stop. We went back to the funeral place and had our lunch.

How i wish I could turn back time and told my grandmother how much I loved her.

this story is true by the way. :p and i got the teacher's comments : good sharing of a painful experience, keep it up!i remembered sec one end of yr english compre, i did quite badly (i cant rmb how much) and ms tong or dunno ms teo said to me, "i'm disappointed in your results, i expected much more from you." well, i guess that sentence is the end of my english language. =